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Suzie Kuhnen, DO -  - Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon

Suzie Kuhnen, DO

Central Iowa’s only Female Plastic Surgeon in West Des Moines, IA

Surviving breast cancer is a major victory, but if you’ve had a lumpectomy or a single or double mastectomy, Suzie Kuhnen, DO, offers solutions. At Iowa Specialty Surgeons, she offers breast reconstruction to help you feel your very best. To learn more about this procedure, call the office in West Des Moines, Iowa, or book a visit online today.

Breast Reconstruction Q & A

What is breast reconstruction?

Breast reconstruction is a surgery Dr. Kuhnen offers to those who have received a lumpectomy or a single or double mastectomy. She knows that breasts can be a significant part of a woman’s identity. With this procedure, she helps you feel confident in your own body.

Dr. Kuhnen is the only female plastic surgeon in the central Iowa area, and she has years of experience helping women embrace life after breast cancer. With her specialization in breast reconstruction surgery, she helps you move forward.

What should I expect from breast reconstruction?

Dr. Kuhnen takes the time to talk with you about your breast and body goals. She can perform breast reconstruction to replicate your breasts as they were before, helping you feel normal and whole again. Reconstructing your breasts to their previous size and shape is ideal after you’ve had a single mastectomy or lumpectomy. 

Alternately, if you wanted fuller or more proportional breasts before your double mastectomy, this is an ideal time to address those desires. Dr. Kuhnen is an expert in breast augmentation, and she can help you get your ideal chest so you can feel your best in your body. 

What does breast reconstruction entail?

Breast reconstruction varies from person to person. Dr. Kuhnen and her team work to involve you in the breast reconstruction process. She talks with you about your options and helps you choose the right type of reconstruction. 

She personalizes your breast reconstruction procedure based on your body and aesthetic goals and lets you know what to expect from your procedure and after your procedure. Her goal is to provide you with supportive care as you take steps into your life after breast cancer. 

If you’re interested in breast reconstruction, don’t hesitate to call Iowa Specialty Surgeons or make an appointment online today.